Frequently Asked Questions

In the Menu Section on the top right corner (Desktop View) you may find the post button from their you may go to Submission forms and can fill that form.

It is not necessary to signup and login to this website in order to post any item, But if you want to keep a record of your postings and also you can Edit, Delete etc. your posts if you will post them after signing up. Some more hidden advantages are their.

You must contact website administration department to get answers of any query related to this Website and its posts.

Mail us on

Only Admins or Registered Users can delete or update their Posts. No one else can delete or modify any Posts at all.

On may register to this website using registration form by going through this link, After Registering you will receive a verification mail, you have to click that link in order to activate your account.

Most Posts are activated almost instantly, after verifying that it is not a spam. Although if your's is not made active yet, it will be activated within next 24 hours if eligible.