Clothing Store

A clothes shop or clothes store is any shop which sells items of ready-made clothing. A small shop which sells expensive or designer clothing may be called a boutique. A shop that sells clothes for a narrowly-restricted market such as school uniforms or outdoor sports may be called an outfitter.It is not known when the first clothes shops were opened in Europe. Before the era of ready-made clothes, when clothing was made by tailors or artisans, shops may have sold second-hand clothing. Some ready-made clothes may have been made in the sixteenth century.The number of clothes shops appears to have risen steadily long before the beginning of large-scale industrial manufacture of clothing in the second half of the nineteenth century.

How to Start a Clothing Store:

File Your Legal Structure. Look to the Small Business Administration's website to determine which is the most appropriate legal structure for your business. ...

Put Together Your Business Plan.

Secure Financing.

Find Your Storefront.

Purchase Inventory.

Establish Policies.

Market Your Store.

Clothing boutique owners estimate the cost of starting a clothing store to be anywhere from $50,000 to $150,000. Of course, the actual amount may vary by location, products and individual facility. In any scenario, you'll need the sufficient amount of financing to bankroll your business plan.

A boutique is "a small store that sells stylish clothing, jewelry, or other usually luxury goods". The word is French for "shop", which derives ultimately from the Greek ??????? (apoth?k?) or "storehouse".